Wednesday, May 19, 2010

memory leaks in open_handle_to_dylib_path and UIKeyboardInputManagerClassForInputMode

If you're developing an iPhone app that uses UITextField objects and you're rigorous enough to check for memory leaks using Instruments, chances are you'd discover some leaks in UIKit and CoreGraphics libraries, stemming from some allocations done in dyld::mkstringf, called from dyld::loadPhase5.

According to some reports found on the web, it seems that this is a bug in the tools from Apple, and it appears only on the simulator, not when testing on the actual device. So you could safely ignore it. In any case you couldn't do anything about it, as the traceback leading to the leak goes through code outside of your control, that is, unless you happen to work for Apple :).


Unknown said...

Good post, confirms what I've found / suspected.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good post. I've come across this same problem in the last few weeks but have had trouble finding out anything reliable about it. It is very annoying, but at least I know now that it's Apple at fault, not me.