Friday, June 11, 2010

be mindful of possible glitches in Apple's Xcode tools

I really like Apple's development tools, including the SDK and frameworks, especially as a developer coming from different platforms for mobile development. Yet, nice as they are, they're still not infallible.

Today I was having issues running a project in the debug mode, in the emulator. In some instances the emulator would not recognize my touchy input. In other case, a UITextView, which although clearly marked as not editable in the IB, it would show me the text cursor. All these abnormal behaviours were sporadic, not always happening. And in both cases, launching the app directly from the springboard, in the emulator would cause it to work properly. It may be a debugger issue.

Also, for some reason the runtime would ignore some of my settings regarding some struts, springs and autoresizing for some elements as I specified them in IB, and would mess up the layout upon changing the orientation of the device. To fix that I had to manually enforce them in didRotateFromInterfaceOrientation:.

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