Monday, November 07, 2011

How to deal with "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" errors

Even after I got plenty of experience building apps with in-app purchase capabilities, having gone through the lessons learned at my first attempt, today I was still hit by this error. My purchase attempt on the sandbox would still fail with this laconic message. This is ridiculous. Apple still doesn't provide enough information, or even a small hint of what could be wrong.

Like I mentioned in my post referred to above, you should first check your provisioning profile, to make sure it's bound to a fully qualified app id, not one with a wildcard. In my case it wasn't, even if I should have known better. D'uh ! That's easy to fix, right ? In Xcode I just go in the build settings for the project and set the code signing identity for Debug builds. Any sane person would expect that to be enough. Not so, the build settings for the actual target is still stuck at the old, incorrect, value. That's arguably a bug in Xcode. Why would one have the same setting available in 2 different places is beyond me. Anyway, I had to fix the setting for the target to match that for the project. To my frustration the same "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" failure kept popping.

At that point the only thing I could think of is that Apple's sandbox lost its marbles. So I created a new test account. Tada ! It worked. This is insane. Having to deal with such issues, with deadlines looming, it's the last thing one could wish for. Unfortunately it's not the first time it happens. I had other issues in the past, so ridiculous as having tests accounts used on the sandbox locked, after repeatedly being denied login. After filing a bug report for that lock-out Apple came back with some sort of explanation citing recent changes/"fixes" to the sandbox and prompting me to try again.

I hope my experience could be useful to you if you run into some similar issues. Do you know any other relevant tricks ? If so please comment.

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